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What is Telemedicine - And How Can It Help Me?

What is Telemedicine?

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The 2018 Flu Epidemic: What You Need To Know

Flu season is upon us. And if you're listening to the news, you're likely to be, well, freaking out. The 2018 flu season is ramping up to be one of the worst yet, with half of the nation's states reporting especially high flu activity. Why is the 2018 flu epidemic making headlines for its intensity? For one, it began earlier than in past years, extending the flu season past the standard timeline. Another factor: this year's dominant strain is known for making people sicker than past viruses. What can you do to avoid this rampant and potentially dangerous flu virus? The first step is getting a flu vaccination. While the flu season peaks from December through March, experts predict we won't be out of the woods until May. (Don't know where to get your flu shot? Check out the CDC's Vaccine Finder for flu vaccine providers in your local area). 

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Healthcare is changing

Hippo Health is here. We are a telemedecine platform with big ideas aimed at simplifying health care. Stay tuned for updates, news and healthcare industry information!

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