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With Hippo Health, Peace Of Mind Is Just $25

Hippo Health pricing options just became even more flexible.

Hippo Health, the Boulder, CO-based virtual care provider, is excited to announce a new pricing option for Hippo Health users. Hippo Health now offers access to its network of physicians for just $25 per use of the telemedicine app. Users can now create a free account, download the app, and pay as they go. The pricing change launched last week after several weeks of development, and is available for new and existing users.

"We are always looking for ways to enhance our members' experience with telehealth. Giving Hippo Health users the option to pay per visit is part of a continuous effort to provide user-friendly options for virtual care at an affordable price," explains Kevin McGarvey, CEO and co-founder of Hippo Health. "We're constantly iterating and developing the platform to make it even more intuitive and easy to use, and implementing more pricing options is part of the roadmap."

Hippo Health offers monthly subscriptions at $9/month per individual and $17/month for families. Subscription members receive unlimited virtual visits with Hippo Health's physician network, and the family option includes up to seven users per account. Members can use a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for the telemedicine service, and health insurance is not required to use Hippo Health. The new $25 per call option provides a direct connection with a physician through Hippo Health's app-based platform, where patients can talk, text or video chat with one of Hippo Health's board-certified doctors.  

For more information, watch our short video on How Hippo Health Works, or visit the patient FAQ page.


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