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Your Personal Healthcare Assistant: Orderly Health

"The stone age didn't end because they ran out of stones."

While comparing healthcare to the stone age might seem a little extreme, it's hard to argue the industry's seemingly static position and resistance to moving forward in an increasingly transparent digital world. Eventually, disruption comes to every industry - and in the case of healthcare, there's a growing army of digital revolutionaries founding companies poised to make healthcare more accessible. As a part of this tech-driven movement, Hippo Health is always seeking partners to unify and amplify efforts for change. Enter Orderly Health. Orderly is a personal healthcare assistant and Hippo Health partner. Founded by Kevin Krauth in 2013, the concierge service strives to find consumers discounts and health plans while removing the unnecessary layers - naturally, they're a great fit for Hippo Health.

What does Orderly do? How does it work?

With Orderly, you can simply text your questions about healthcare, just like you're texting a friend. Using multiple data sources, the platform can provide answers immediately to help patients find the best doctor, the lowest price, or just help you better understand your benefits. It's a great tool for both companies and consumers. Orderly's basic membership offers savings on medications, finding doctors through recommendations and ratings, dispatching care to your home if needed, and plan-matching based on your healthcare needs. 

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How do Hippo Health and Orderly work together?

Orderly's premium membership includes the Hippo Health platform for unlimited virtual care, as well as a cost-comparison tool for searching out medications and services, free shipping on medications, and the ability to add family members to Orderly memberships.  

But our partnership with Orderly is valuable not only as a strategic sales partner and value-add, but also in our efforts to bring digital health platforms to the forefront of healthcare. Orderly and Hippo both believe that people deserve transparency in their care, and that quality health care should be easy to find, and at an affordable price. As virtual care and other digital health services pop up, the only way forward is to band together, partnering to educate the public on the possibility that in the future, health care might make sense.

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Interested in being a Hippo Health partner? Get in touch, and let's talk APIs. We'd love to hear how your company is bringing value to the healthcare industry, and how we can work together.