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Hippo Health Blog

American Epidemic: Rural Clinics Are Closing At An Unprecedented Rate. What Can Be Done?

Rural health clinics are in big trouble.

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Hippo Health: Redefining the Patient-Doctor Relationship

How does Hippo Health remove the complicated layers that we've come to expect in healthcare? Dr. Ken Rooks, Hippo Health's Medical Director, explains the Hippo Health mission to bring the patient-doctor relationship back to basics.

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How Does Telemedicine Work?

How does telemedicine work? Don't be intimidated by telehealth solutions. If you have a smartphone, telemedicine is the easiest way to connect with a doctor on everyday health concerns. Keep reading as we walk you through the setup and process of using telemedicine applications to consult with a doctor and get the care you need - without leaving home or rescheduling your week.

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Burning Questions: The story behind the US opioid epidemic

Opioid abuse is a serious and widespread problem in the US. But how did we get to this place? Opioids are certainly not new; in fact, narcotics have been around for long time - their usage is referenced as far back as 460 BC. What else isn't new: the complexities surrounding their relieving properties coupled with euphoric side effects and the possibilities of addiction.  What are opioids? Opioids is a term for a broad range of drugs; some you may know by name are oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine. Some are derived from opium, and some are synthetic. When opioid medications travel through your blood and attach to opioid receptors in your brain cells, the cells release signals that lessen your perception of pain and increase your feelings of pleasure. These drugs were further developed into the brands you know today (Vicodin, Percocet) as a response to the undertreatment of pain, and became widely prescribed through the 1990s and early 2000s. In fact. new standards in treatmentnt deemed pain the "fifth element of treatment", and care providers were rated on their management of a patient's pain needs. Increasing abuse of these drugs followed  (view a fascinating timeline of opioids' history via The Atlantic here). Hippo Health's Dr. Ken Rooks dives further explains the epidemic's roots in this edition of Burning Questions.

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Burning Questions: The Flu Vaccine - Do I Need It? Will It Make Me Sick? 

  It's February, and the flu is still very much a thing. Your children, your parents, your coworkers -maybe even you - have had it. But the tidal wave of illness is not over. For those of you wondering, "Should I get the flu vaccine? Why should I get it?  Will it make me sick?"  - we've got answers in the form of Hippo Health's very own Dr. Ken Rooks. 

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